Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looks like we have a trumpet player!

I received a call a few weeks back about a day to come and check out all the instruments available to be played if your child wanted to play in the middle school band.  Sean was pretty against it because “none of his friends were doing it”.  We’ve been trying to talk to him about all the opportunities that come with playing in the band as well as how much fun it is too.

Well I was able to get him to go to the tryout session and to his amazement, some of his friends were there!  I know, crazy right?  And he thought they were all too cool.  I hate that stigma about the band.

Anyway, once he realized that his friends would be playing too he loosened up and had fun trying out the instruments.  He tried the trombone and trumpet first, then the sax which he did fine with too, then he tried the clarinet but that didn’t go so well.  He said he liked the trumpet best so that’s what he went with.  Now we have to find us a nice trumpet that won’t break the bank! We are excited for him to start learning and playing though.


K, we are off to ball games and a birthday party!  The fun never ends!

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