Monday, July 25, 2011

Looking for a few items


These past three weeks have got by in a blur. It’s hard to believe that D and A will be leaving in a little more than a week. It breaks my heart to think about putting them on that plane and putting so much distance between us and the connections we’ve made with them. They have come a long way in the time they’ve been here and I pray that some of the things they’ve learned will stick with them until we see them again.

While it is very hard to think it about them heading to their home in Latvia, it is something that we need to prepare for. There are a few things we need for each girl and I wanted to put those needs out there just in case someone that reads this blog wanted to do something to help. A few of the items have already been taken care of.

  • One 26-28 inch rolling suitcase for each girl

  • One large backpack for each girl

  • Tennis shoes/sneakers (we plan to purchase these for them after we measure their feet and would like for these to be new)

  • 4 pairs of socks each

  • 4 pairs underwear each

  • Hygiene products

  • One hand towel and wash cloth set-NO large towels do to lack of dryer space each

  • One dressy outfit each

  • 2-3 winter outfits (we don't know their sizes, so if you have second hand clothes for girls ages 8-12 we would gladly take it off your hands to have them try on and then either return remaining items or donate them to someone else on your behalf)

  • One winter coat, size 10/12 each (one has been donated already)

  • One scarf each

  • One set of gloves each

  • One winter hat each

  • A small photo album for each girl

  • Board games that they can take back home; this actually may be better if it is the travel sized games and we were told repeatedly that the children in the orphanages love UNO and other card games

  • Other toys that don't require batteries

  • Small items for children who didn't get to attend the trip; items such as silly bands, beaded jewelry, or small items that can be found as Christian bookstores, like bookmarks and beads are recommended

I love these girls and they have touched my heart and changed me in so many ways in just a few short weeks.

New Horizons has also put up a photo listing of the “unmatched” children. These kids are still here in the United States for a little longer and are available to meet if you are looking to adopt. If adopting isn’t on your radar right now perhaps you will consider hosting a child over Christmas. To view the photo listing visit this link and use the password “praying”

I will be doing a large post soon to recap our hosting experience and share more photos. Have a great week friends! We love you all!

Saturday, July 2, 2011



The day we’ve been waiting on for weeks has finally came. Thursday we made the trek to Atlanta to meet our girls. I wasn’t really that nervous until standing in the airport waiting for them to come up the escalator. That was when I felt the butterflies. When I saw their tiny little selves come off the escalator I had so many feelings that my eyes got teary for a few minutes before we even greeted them.

They were so sweet and gave Danny and I both gifts. I think they had an inside scoop on us because they gave me a coffee cup and Danny candy. They knew how to get us from the start Smile

Photo removed

These girls have energy like I have never seen before. They want to play from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. They love apples and Toby to pieces. They have no problem calling us Mom and Daddy already. I’ve seen some nurturing moments between them and the boys as well.

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Tonight we are going to enjoy family movie night and popcorn. Dajana has been asking for popcorn lots.