Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally something to blog about

Well I finally got rid of that nasty little virus that took my computer down. I hate those things. I wanted to post some pictures of Danny's trip to Nicaragua but unfortunately I found out that he didn't take any pictures. Ricky took hundreds though so once I get a copy of those I will post some. From what I've heard they had an excellent trip.

Onto my exciting news...Matthew is potty training! I am thrilled. He tells me sometimes when he needs to go but everytime that I put him on the potty he goes. I'm really trying to be consistent with him because I feel like he's getting it. I think in another week or two he will have it down. I know this is a private moment but he was excited.

Look what I did!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anyone computer savvy?

We are all back home. I'd like to post details of our trips but my computer has been infected so I can't upload any photos. I have been infected by a virus and I can't seem to get rid of it myself. I need someone to fix it relatively inexpensive. If you know someone please let me know. Not only can I not blog but I can't work! Hopefully I will get pics from Danny's trip to Nicaragua up soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

He's gone and we will be soon...

Danny left for Nicaragua yesterday. According to the flight status on Continentals website they got there at about 7:45 last night. We haven't heard from him but we probably won't since there are no phones where they are going. We miss Daddy already and are praying for him to have a safe trip and to come back soon :0)

On that note, the kids and I are flying to Florida tomorrow night. I'm not looking forward to flying alone with three kids so please pray for me :0) (I'll need it).

I'll post some pictures from Danny's trip when I get back next Tuesday.

That's it. TTFN

Friday, October 10, 2008

Something to brag about

We received a letter in the mail yesterday from the Babe Ruth League that says,
"Congratulations! Your child, Sean, has been selected to be included in the 2008 Edition of "The Best Players in Babe Ruth League."
This book has been created to recognize the accomplishments of those players who have been named as an All-Star for play in local district competition. These are the best players in Babe Ruth League!
The kids are chosen for this honor based upon their accomplishments as players during the year. The players that are chosen are the "All-Star" elite players of their league and represent less than 5% of the total players from their league. That's straight from the letter.
His biography and photograph are going to be published in the book. We are so proud and excited that he was chosen to be published. What an honor!
Way to go again kiddo!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



I'm going to start a new column on my blog with these kid-ism's but this one was really funny so I thought I'd post about it.

Scenario: Matthew is supposed to be going to sleep for the night but keeps getting up. Danny and I have been taking turns putting him back into bed. This time it's my turn.

Mommy: Matthew, mommy is going to have to spank you if you get out of bed again. Do you want a spanking?

Matthew: mumble noise

Mommy: Do you want a spanking? Yes or No

Matthew: Yes

Now how do I follow through on that???