Thursday, May 20, 2010

It’s been a very long time..(long post)

Wow, I have not blogged since the middle of March!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like our days are filled with so much pointless non-sense and they just flying by in the blink of an eye.
We’ve spent the past few months watching the boys playing ball.  Matthew just wrapped up his 2nd soccer season but Sean still has a few weeks to go of recreation ball.  He also made the Franklin Generals tournament team so he will be playing for them through the summer.

Danny went with a team down to Nicaragua a few weeks back.  They left the day that Nashville flooded so he missed seeing first hand the mess here.   Big things were happening in Nicaragua too though.  The guys built a church in just THREE DAYS and twenty-seven people accepted Christ as their savior! Such amazing stuff.  Here is a video of the men singing “Do It Lord” at the church’s first service.

But while I was here worrying about the rain and being shocked by all the flooding, God was working on Danny and setting into place a life changing plan for us.  You see, when Danny lost his job back in December we decided to put our adoption plans on hold before they ever really got started.  It’s something that I have been struggling with because my heart is yearning for a little girl that I know is out there needing a loving family and I just so badly want to bring her home.  I don’t even care about the financial aspect of it (this is where we weren’t seeing eye to eye), I just want to jump in feet first and go for it.  Well God intervened and brought Danny a little closer to the level that I’m on.  You see, while in Nicaragua he was able to speak with some of the men that were on the trip with him as well as a man that lives in Nicaragua who told Danny that he wished more people would adopt from there.  Danny also had the opportunity to minister to and speak with some teenage girls down there about changes they are going through in their lives and their bodies.  That shows that God does have a sense of humor since he is a father of three boys, lol.  The advice he received while on the trip and the opportunities he had confirmed that sitting by idly isn’t what we are supposed to be doing.
So as soon as the words were out of his mouth I was on the phone with the agency!  It just so happened that this past Monday there was a seminar on adoption fundraising in Indiana that was being put on by a client/speaker for the agency.  My mom is still here visiting so we were able to get away (talk about timing right?) for the day/night to drive to Indiana where we met the with the director of the Nicaragua program and attended the seminar.  Camie, the lady that was doing the seminar, called us on our way down and invited us to spend the night in their home instead of in a hotel room.  We were blown away by the kindness and hospitality so we went out on a limb and accepted the offer.  Boy were we blessed!  Turns out her husband is the pastor at the church where the seminar was held.  They have adopted two children from Vietnam themselves and were a well of information.  It was so generous of them to open up their home for us and we feel that we made some friends to walk through this journey with us.  God is so good all the time!  More details to come on our adoption process in a later post.
I also want to give a big congratulations to Sean.  He graduated from the 5th grade and I officially am the mom to a middle schooler!!!  I don’t know whether to smile because of how proud I am or to cry because of how fast he’s growing up.  Remember to cherish the moments and hold your children when you can and smother them in your love, they grow up too fast not to.

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