Sunday, May 30, 2010

2nd Annual Memorial Day Bash Champions!

The Franklin Generals closed out the tournament weekend with the title of Champions under their belts.  We were 2 and 1 and first seed when the games were called this afternoon due to rain.  The boys played very hard all weekend out in the sweltering heat.  Sean had the play of the game yesterday when he stole home to score the winning run with 2 outs on the score board.  Those last few moments were way too intense!  The team rushed the field and were all over him.  It was a great proud momma moment :)


Here is the champ showing off his totally cool trophy


And of course the little brother had to have his moment to show off too.  And since I didn’t post about this a few weeks bad, Matthew closed out his soccer season with some improvement but most of all he had a great time playing.

Here he is showing off the cutest little soccer trophy I’ve ever seen


And I can’t end the post with out giving the littlest one a bit of face time too.


Big guy helping daddy mow the grass



Until next time…

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