Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Answering The Call

Over the past few months God has been softening my heart to the idea of having another child but not necessarily giving birth.  Danny and I have been tossing around the when, hows, and ifs of the idea and we feel that God is putting us on the path of adoption.  There have been signs all around us and the most obvious of them happened this past week.  I was reading my bible and while turning the pages to get to Galatians I came across an excerpt on adoption.  The story was about a family that had 3 biological boys and then answered the call to adopt a baby girl.  I was/still am blown away by the clarity of His answer!  God was saying, "here's your sign".

Oh, and we didn't know this Sunday night but it was International Orphan Sunday!  I hate that we missed out on so many opportunities for knowledge.

We aren't sure yet whether our path will be Domestic or International but right now I can tell you that we are researching the possibility of Nicaragua.  I've got some calls in to a few agencies and am waiting to hear back.

Will you please pray for our family as we begin this journey to finding our child and bringing them home to our forever family.  Pray that God will be working in the child as well to prepare them for what their future holds.  Pray that we will find the right agency to work with us, one that will be a strong advocate for us, and that will know the ropes and ins and outs of the process wherever we end up.

Fear not I am with you… Isaiah 41:10


  1. Yes! We will pray! This is very exciting and floods my heart with joy!!!

  2. So praying right now! He or she is already out there patiently waiting to meet you all!!!

  3. That is awesome! Praying for you guys!! Stacy

  4. This is such exciting news! I will be praying for you guys as you begin your journey.