Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is nuts!!!

We are out of gas!! If you live in our little part of the world then you now how crazy it is trying to find gas. Kroger had it yesterday but ran out quick once everyone found out they had it. Dannys's car is running on empty and I only had a 1/4 tank so we decided one of us had better get some gas. Because of the long lines at the pump yesterday he made a run at 12:30 last night to fill up and guess what. No gas!!! He had to drive all the way into Nashville at 12:30am to put gas in the car and on top of that it was $4.19 a gallon. Apparently this is only happening here so why is that? Anyway, I hope this little shortage gets resolved soon. We are now down to one car and sharing stinks, ha ha.
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  1. Hey girl if you read my blog, you will know it is happening here also. The station in Tryon by Austin's school has been out since before the hurricane hit. Totally crazy!!!! I ended up getting gas in Spartanburg last night for $3.59, and believe me I filled it to the top. Good luck, and hopefully this will be over soon. Love ya, Aunt Erin

  2. By the time I got to the gas station that Danny told me had gas last night they were out too. People just need to relax and just go on as normal - stop freaking out! The gas will be refilled - I promise!

  3. It is INSANE! People are panicking and making it totally worse. Only get gas if you need it people, and stop filling up reserves in gas containers. They say it will be resolved by next week, I just hope I can hold out that long. I saw on the news that the stations are reporting selling 4 x what they normally do, so it is all due to the panic. This is crazy, I might have to call in on Monday if there is no gas to fill up! LOL