Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Ball and a Mohawk?

I haven't blogged about the fall ball season because I haven't had the opportunity to take any photos since I've been taking care of the two little ones during our fall games. Now, we have been having an excellent season. Our team was running undefeated 6-0. That would explain the above photo. You see, Sean has become a little superstitious when it comes to baseball. As long as their team was on a winning streak he refused to cut his hair and he was starting to look a little rough around the edges. Well I am sad to say that last night our winning streak ended. We lost pretty bad too. So of course I let Sean know first thing that he was due for a haircut. His reply to me was "Oh, can I get a Mohawk??!!". At first I told him no but as I thought about it I remember my parents did not let me dye my hair crazy colors when I wanted to and I wanted him to have this freedom since it is his hair and it will grow back. And truthfully, deep down I did not think he would go through with it. Well, let's just say I was wrong. As soon as we got home he and dad headed straight for the clippers. Here is the end result:


  1. Lookin' good Sean! I love it !!!
    Sad your team lost but what a run!!

  2. NICE :) What are we going to do with all these boys???? :)

  3. Sean, that is so awesome!!! Austin will be jealous. He has wanted one for years and also wants to dye it red or blue when he does get one. Sorry to hear about your loss. You'll get'em next time. In the mean time enjoy your radical haircut!!!

  4. Oh my, I guess you were shocked when he actually did go through with it! Looks pretty cool!