Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recap of Sundays Big Event

Today we celebrated Matthew's 2nd birthday (though his birthday isn't actually until tomorrow). Plans were to have it at Evans Park but thanks to Hurricane Ike we moved the event to our house. We were a little cramped but everyone had a good time. Matthew is really into the Cars movie right now so we went with that for his theme. You should hear him say "McQueen". It sounds so cute.


  1. Looks like fun was had by all. Austin use to love Cars too. Sorry you had to move it inside, but it looks like everyone had a blast. Happy Birthday Matthew!!

  2. Max had a blast at the party, Tabi! I think Matthew had a great 2nd bday party. And now you have a story to tell...Ike scared us inside. ;o) Max has been coloring like crazy the past 2 days with what you sent home. Thank you!

  3. We had a great time. Brock at more cake at Matthew's party than he did at his own (yeah...that's right...he didn't eat ANY cake at his own party...too busy playing with the cheap plastic toys that came ON the cake...HA!) Love the will have to pass them my way so I can add them on my computer