Saturday, August 23, 2008

You've been Tagged

I was tagged by Alicia. Here goes:

7 things I want to do before I die

1) See Niagra Falls
2) Learn to ski
3) Adopt a child
4) Read the bible
5) Go on a mission trip
6) Take a trip overseas
7) Watch my kids get married and have children of their own

7 things I can do
1) Love my children unconditionally
2) Look toward a brighter tomorrow
3) Design a blog
4) Shop till I drop
5) Be a good friend
6) Paint
7) Roller Skate

7 things I cannot do
1) Play sports
2) Stick to a diet
3) Change a tire
4) French Braid (maybe this is why I don't have girls)
5) Stay off the computer
6) Not eat out at least once a week
7) Not go two hours without changing a diaper

7 things that attract me to my man
1) He is patient with me
2) He is a great father to my children
3) He loves me no matter what
4) His love for God
5) His never failing faith
6) His motivation to always go farther in whatever he does
7) He looks good in tight stretchy pants

7 things I say most often
1) Matthew, stop
2) Get out of there
3) Don't throw the ball in the house!
4) Calgon, take me away
5) Sean, do you ever stop talking?
6) Leave the baby alone
7) The whites are in the dryer (Danny helped me with this one)

7 celebrity crushes (in no particular order)
1) Big Sexy - Kevin Nash (back in the NWO days)
2) Brad Pitt
3) Matthew McConnaughey
4) Tim McGraw
5) Keith Urban
6) Patrick Dempsy
7) Patrick Drake on GH (don't know his real name)

7 People to Tag
1) Rachel
2) Erin
3) Michelle
4) Betty
5) Tara
6) Lori
7) Anyone else that reads this that hasn't been tagged already


  1. Love those stretchy pants.....hee hee

  2. Ummm... let's leave the tight strechy pants at home =) (BJ says no baseball field or Nicaragua)