Sunday, August 10, 2008

Potty Time!

I hope this is the start of potty training. I pulled out a diaper and the wipes to change Chase and Matthew squatted down beside me and said "potty". So I told daddy to to take him to use the potty. Danny pulled his diaper off and it was wet so Danny went to throw it away and didn't think Matthew would go since he had went in the diaper. When he came back he went to get Matthew up and the bottom of his shirt was wet and there was pee in the potty!!! I'm jealous that daddy got to witness the event but so happy at the same time. We rewarded him with jelly beans so hopefully that will keep him going back.


  1. Yahoo! This is great! We thought Connor was ready but nothing since we bought the potty. Hopefully it will be this easy for us. I hear boys are somewhat of a challenge.

  2. AWESOME! :) I am buying M&M's at Walgreen's (on sale) this week for stuff!