Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh, the LOVE of a challenge

Sean had his Valentine's Day party at school yesterday. He was quite surprised because not only was I there but daddy made an appearance as well. They frosted cupcakes and played some games. Here in the picture was a game where they had to stack the candy hearts. Whoever had the most in their stack when the time ran out won. He did win the first round but they had to do a tie breaker. He had the tallest stack in the second round too but it toppled over just before the time ran out. Bummer!! The winner had 3 hearts in their stack. I must agree with Danny though, the boy's got skill.


  1. Austin loved the picture of Sean! And yes he has skill. Way to go Sean, sounds like you all had a fun time. Take care! Aunt Erin

  2. And to think I was there to witness the brilliance. I feel mighty priviledged, indeed. LOL