Friday, January 6, 2012

Hijacking Blog

Hi Everyone,

My name is Shannon and I'm a friend of Tabby's. I've known her for geez...3 years? Is that right Tab? Maybe 4? Anyway, I hijacked her blog today because she is busy packing. Packing your asking? Oh my friends, that's right. The time has finally arrived! Tabby and Danny are now able to travel to Latvia to pick up their DAUGHTERS! The Butler household will have a lot more pink in it (Tabby, speaking of pink can you PLEASE update this blog to show that you are now a mom of girls? Boys are wonderful and all, but a person can only have so much blue).

Are you all jumping up and down right now with excitement? I know I was when Tabby told me. 20 long months later and the girls get to come home! This is why I'm here. They need some help bringing the girls home. As you know airline tickets are real expensive, and now having to fly 4 people home...the costs adds up. Tab has put together a fundraiser to help. All they are asking for is for each of you to donate $1 per person for a ticket. That's it! $4 from each of you they can get their babies home!! They only have a few days left to get $6200 - so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Congratulations Tabitha and Danny!!!!!


  1. aww.. such sweet friends to Hijack your blog. I made my donation this AM. SO excited for you.


  2. I donated as well and shared on my Facebook page. Come on everyone, this is such a sweet story and these girls will be so loved and blessed in their new home. It only takes $4.00 to help bring a happy ending to the fairy tale of these sisters who have been unloved and living in an orphanage.