Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 days

That’s all that’s left to get ready for our trip to Latvia!  I am nervous about what to take with us, the weather, being to cold to get around, and mostly wondering how my girls will react to seeing us again.  We told them this summer when they were here that we were going to visit them in Latvia.  I just don’t think they believed us.  Lucky for us we knew a secret we couldn’t share with them Winking smile

So I’ve been told a few times lately what a horrible blogger I am lol.  I’m sorry peeps!  I promise to try and do better.  At least while in country anyway.  Can you forgive me?

Lots going on in the past few days.  As far as fundraising goes we still have our Charity Project going and have raised half of our goal so far which we are beyond thankful for! 

If you don’t follow us on facebook you wouldn’t know this but Adeye Salem, of No Greater Joy Mom Blog is trying to help some families that are adopting raise some last minute funds and we are one of the families that are featured on her linky.   She is giving away TWO $250 WALMART GIFT CARDS to a random person.  Everyone that makes at least a $10 donation to one of the families and then comments on her post that they made the donation. will be entered into the drawing.  This went live on the 16th and from then to now we have received $427.44 in donations.    We are just humbled and amazed at the generosity of others, even people that do not know our family, that are pouring out their love on us and giving to help get Dajana and Adelina home.  God is so good!

Danny’s highlight of today was pulling up the 10 day weather forecast for Riga and realizing that we are in range of knowing the forecast when we travel lol.  I’m happy to know that it will at least be back up in the 30’s by then.

I also got to talk with an old friend from high school for a good bit on the phone today that is adopting a child hosted in the US this winter.   A friend of theirs hosted little Yarik from Ukraine and Jenn and Paul are moving forward to adopt the little cutie.  I’m very excited for them and think it’s cool how similar our journeys will be.   They are doing lots of neat fundraising stuff.  I’m even going to be offering some personalized wristlet key chains for them to sell that will benefit both of our adoptions, hence bringing three little kiddos home.  You can read about Jenn and Paul and little Yarik here.

Until next time (maybe tomorrow, maybe not Winking smile),

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  1. Thrilled to have "met" you....can't wait to really meet! Adeye's blog helped us in more ways than one!