Thursday, January 19, 2012

9 days

We are getting close!  I got the approval from our facilitator yesterday on our Embassy Paperwork so that is good to go.  I guess it’s time to start checking off the list and tossing some things in the suitcase.

I was able to chat for a minute on Draugiem this morning with Dajana.  I told her that mom and dad leave on an airplane in 9 days and then it occurred to me that they only have 11 more days of their lives to spend in an orphanage.  I wonder if they really realize that they are leaving?  I mean do they believe it is happening or will they not truly know until we arrive there to get them?  I wonder what they are feeling right now.  Lots of different emotions I would think.  While living in an orphanage is not the best situation, it’s been their home for the last four years.  They have friendships there and connections that they will be leaving behind.  Actually it takes great courage for these kids to make such a life changing decision.  I pray that they are able to process it all without too much struggle.

On a different note, the boys are really looking forward to the girls coming back home.  We’ve prayed for them several times a days since before the summer and it is just such a natural thing to include them as we would anyone else that is close to us.  A friend of mine shared something with me that Matthew did at church on Sunday that just melted my heart.

I copied this from her fb post “have to tell you I had Matthew in Jungle journey. They were playing "hot potato" and were supposed to tell what/who they prayed for if the music stopped while they were holding the "potato". Most of the kids said things like "I pray for toys, Ipad, etc....but when Matthew got the 'potato' he said "i pray for my sisters".....brought a tear to my eye:)”

Isn’t he just the sweetest?  Love that boy.  My biggest boy is having a birthday this weekend.  I can’t believe I’m about to become the parent of a teenager.  Where did the time go?  And I remember myself all to vividly in my teen years.  Lord I’m really going to need your grace and mercy on this one!  LOL.

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  1. This is so exciting! Looking forward to our trip to Latvia! ...Jill