Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can't have "The Best of Both Worlds"

The Rivers were planning on letting Sean sleepover on Saturday night and taking him to a Nashville Sounds ballgame while Danny and I are still at the hospital but that apparently doesn't fit into his schedule. I told him he was going to the game and he said "Wait a minute, on Saturday?" I said yes and he replied "Mom, if I go then I will miss the Hannah Montana in 3-D concert!". He's had this Saturday planned out for several weeks and I had completely forgot about it. I'm just in shock that he's choosing the concert over going to a ball game.


  1. HOLY CRAP! This is the same exact thing that happened in our household! We were planning on going to the Sounds game, but alas, Matthew would rather stay home and watch Miss Miley. Go figure.

  2. That is a hoot! Good luck tomorrow! I cant wait to see pictures of the new arrival!

  3. Has Danny started therapy yet? Hannah over baseball - oh my.