Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He has a name!!!

Danny and I have seriously had the hardest time naming our 3rd boy. We've had a girl name picked up since we were pregnant with Sean but we have run out of boy names. We've went back and forth with several names and combinations but neither of us can agree with the other. Well last night we were finally able to come to a truce. Our prince has a name! I even made Danny shake on it that this is the final decision. His name will be "Chase Daniel Butler". He will be called Chase.


  1. Welcome Chase Daniel, "C.D." will be arriving to find a place in our hearts & in the new ride the "soccer van". Love to Sean T. & M.R. Butler
    from GrandRoyal

  2. Amazing video! That is cool that you can put that on here! Love the name too.....appropriate too casue if he is anything like Matthew you will be "chasing" him around!