Monday, September 3, 2012

LAST CHANCE Child–Time Is Running Out!

Hey everyone, I need your help in getting this young man out there and known asap!  Our team met him in Latvia while interviewing kids for the Winter 2012 hosting program and had great things to say about him.  His younger sibling was adopted a few years ago by a family here in the states and he wants to be adopted too!
Meet Anatoly.  He spoke very good English and needed little translation.  He told the team that he never drinks or smokes as this behavior is not part of his life.  Anatoly would like to complete high school and then go to college to be an engineer.  His best subject is math but he is also very athletic and loves sports too!  He likes cats and dogs and says that any family with any age children would be good for him.  He prefers to live in a city or suburb verses a country life as he is used to the city atmosphere.  He is also very good at computers and would like to learn more about them like programming, etc… 
Anatoly is available for hosting this winter but his dream is to be adopted.  Time is running out for Anatoly as his birthday is September 16th and a family would need to file their i800a by then.  He needs a family that is homestudy approved to step forward asap!  We know there is a family out there that is willing and able to bring Anatoly home.  We just need to connect the two!!!
Please help us advocate for this precious child and find his family before time runs out!
Anyone with questions regarding adopting Anatoly can email me at or any of the other volunteer staff at New Horizons for Children.

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