Friday, August 10, 2012

We need this to go viral…

I’m going to summarize our story here for those that are just finding out about us to save you the time from having to go back through all of our previous posts.  We have an emergent need for funding and I need your help in donating and sharing our story with everyone you can.  Time is of the essence and we cannot do this without help!

Our family is going through our second adoption in less than 6 months.  Our first one was expensive.  The second one is too.  Why would we do this when we don’t have the cash you ask?  Well because there is a life depending on it and you can’t put a price on that.
We are adopting a boy from Latvia that will be turning 16 in three short months.  Once he turns 16 his hope of finding his forever family will diminish as the law says he will be ineligible for adoption.  The life that awaits him after he “ages out” is not promising.  Most orphan kids in Eastern Europe end up in a life of crime and get involved in drugs or prostitution (yes the boys too) and 15-20% of them will commit suicide by the age of 25 because its just too hard.

We had the pleasure of spending this past summer with this young man and to say that he is a treasure is an understatement.  Our hearts are CRAZY for him and he is meant to be a part of this family!  Aside from the urgency of his age is that our daughters visa expires in two months and we have been told that if we move fast enough we can bring him home when we go to finalize her adoption in October which will save a few thousand dollars in air fair alone not to mention the extra time we would not need to miss from work. 
In order for us to get a court date for him that quick we need to get our dossier in country ASAP so they can get it translated and get things rolling there.  THE DOSSIER IS READY NOW!  There is just one problem.  Money….

We need to send $5110 to our agency before our dossier can leave the country.  This covers our agency fees, translation expenses and a post placement retainer fee.  We just don’t have it.  We don’t.  There is a family leaving one week from today that is more than happy to carry our papers over but we need to overcome this one tiny problem first.

Will you please consider making a donation of $15 in honor of the 15 year old boy we so dearly want as a part of our family?

I have set up a donation button below or if you’d like to make a tax deductible donation please send a check with Butler Family Adoption in the memo line to our agency at
Adoptions Related
Services, Inc.

8 South Main Street
P.O. Box 201
Shrewsbury, PA 17361

GOAL MET!  Thank you to everyone that helped us reach it!

PLEASE HELP US REACH AS MANY PEOPLE AS WE CAN!  With this being our 2nd adoption in 6 months there is no way we are going to pull this off without help. 

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