Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hope is fading

A friend of mine shared this video and it was so powerful and said so much without any words that I felt compelled to share it with you.

As for an update on our adoption, we are still trying to save up for the first of three payments.  At this point we have about $1500 of the $7000 that is needed for the initial payment. 

We are having another yard sale very soon.  As soon as ball is over with and we can pick a weekend out (it will be within the next month).  Our last one was a great success and we hope this one will be as well.

God is definitely providing the funding so far, it’s just hard to remember that it’s on His time and not ours.  I’ve been able to work some extra hours the last few weeks and jobs for our plumbing business have been coming in pretty consistently too.

Oh, and the blog raffle has officially ended and the winner of the makeover was Mandy Ducharme.  Congratulations Mandy and thanks for supporting our adoption!  I will be contacting you soon with the details of you makeover!

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