Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some new pics and some new news :)

It’s taken me a bit to get these pics up but they were taken at St. Augustine Beach when we went down earlier this month for Andy and Meredith’s wedding.  I just love the way they came out with the beach behind us and everyone was actually looking.  This may be our Christmas card pic this year! LOL


This one came out really nice of Sean and Matthew too



I spent some time out in the garage sorting things for our yard sale this weekend and the boys decided to have an improptu lemonade stand fundraiser.  They did a great job and worked hard out in the heat to earn $22 !  Matthew was irresistable holding his sign and waving to the cars as the drove down the road.  People were actually turning around and coming back to buy some!

If you are looking for a yard sale this weekend be sure to stop by ours!  Lots of families have donated and there is some great stuff going up for sale!

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