Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It is the flu

I took Matthew in to the doctor yesterday and he does have the flu, type B whatever that means. The poor baby also has an ear infection. Thank goodness for Tara blogging about Connor's sickness or the flu would have never even occurred to me. We will be confined to the house for the next week or so.

I had to laugh to myself when the doctor said he didn't want to test him for the flu because he looked too good to have the flu. He said, "The kids that are in their pj's laying around the waiting room have the flu, not ones that are up and being inquisitive and talking alot." He just doesn't know that when Matthew is half speed, that is any other child's full speed. It was funny.

Anyway, please pray for my baby a speedy recovery.


  1. Sorry to hear about Matthew, he is a little trooper, Like the new look of the blog. Hope everyone stays healthy.

    Love you

  2. I hope that Matthew is feeling a better today! Connor went back to Betty's yesterday and did great. He has been so attached to me lately though. Last night I was trying to run on the treadmill and had to stop because he was just screaming for me. Doesnt want Brad, just me. This morning Betty had to pry him off of me. I think it is because he had a little mini vacation with Mommy! I hope that your little guy gets well soon! Not fun at all. That is funny about what the doctor said... We just need to listen to our instincts...Mommy does know best!