Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It feels like I lost my best friend

I woke up to start working at 4 am. I went to the kitchen to start my coffee but the pot was already on and burning hot. I didn't turn it on and it wouldn't turn off. Apparently it's 5 years of service are over with. So it's going to be a rough morning without my cup of coffee.

I will sadly miss my Brewstation. My birthday is next month so maybe I'll get a new one (hint,hint). I'll just have to get a cheapy one to hold me over for the time being.


  1. Oh no, not good or so I am told. I dont drink the stuff so I cant really sympathize but I hope that Danny treats you with an early birthday present!

  2. Love the picture...too funny. Sorry about your coffee pot...that stinks :(

  3. Thanks so much for helping me with my blog...you are awesome!

  4. Oh wow that is sooooooo sad! Target $25 for the hold over!!!
    I feel you pain........
    Love Royal