Friday, December 12, 2008

We have SNOW!!! Lots of it!

I'm sure everyone's blogs will look much the same this morning if you live anywhere in the vicinity of middle Tennessee. This post is for my loved ones that are living in HOT, SUNNY Florida. My mom said it has been very hot the past few days.

It's been raining here almost non stop for two days. Yesterday around 4:00 it started sleeting and it wasn't long after that that the flakes started falling. BIG ONES. Within probably 30 to 45 minutes the ground had a good coating of snow on it. This is what we woke up to this morning. It's so pretty. Hopefully we will be able to get outside with the boys and play in it for a little while.

While it is a beautiful site it also brings trouble. The roads are slick and there are wrecks all over the interstate this morning. They are saying on the news that on I-65 between Petyonsville Road and 840 is really bad and there are a few wrecks in that stretch. Danny will be leaving for work soon and has to go that way so hopefully it won't be as treacherous as the media makes it sound.

Anyway, enjoy my pictures and maybe later we will have some of a snowball fight!


  1. Love the pictures !! Can you save me a snowball !! I hope you all can build a snowman or woman!The high today is 64 which makes it cool for us today.
    Stay warm Hot Chocolate & lots of warm Love from Florida

  2. It is beautiful out! We had our office Christmas Open House and Dinner last night downtown so we were out in the chaos when it started snowing yesterday wondering if we should just turn around and come back home. It was just crazy! When we were coming home last night 840 was ice so it was interesting none the less. I am trying to hurry Connor along so we can play before it melts! Have fun out there!

  3. We love the snow! I hope you can get out and have some fun. Wish we lived closer so Austin and Sean could have an all out snowball fight. We are hoping for snow here. And also for our trip to Pa. after Christmas. Enjoy!!! Yea no school!!!