Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Musical Video

I finally figured it out! My mom bought us a new camcorder for Christmas. She gave it to us early which was cool because I was able to record Sean's musical and I will have it for Christmas morning. It records a digital file to its internal memory so I've had quiet a time figuring out getting the format right and finding a video host that accepts the .mov file type. My aunt told me about One True Media and it took literally all night to upload the file but it worked! I have been trying to do this for three days.

Anyway, this is a video clip from one of the songs that the kids did in the Christmas musical at church. Sean really had a great time and even mentioned that he may want to be in the kids choir. Pretty cool. He's the one with the mo hawk next to the girl in the purple dress.

**Post was edited to remove video. If you missed it, email me and I will send you the link.**


  1. 2nd time to hear it and I bawled that time too. Love to see those sweet faces praising Jesus!


  2. Well...it was worth me coming back at least a half a dozen times to watch this BEAUTIFUL video!

    Literally...I thought I was going crazy..nothing was there to watch everytime I would visit this post and so I commented I was crazy...then it came up...then I deleted my comment of how crazy I was...then it was gone before I could watch it.

    Anyways...the point is I LOVED it and think the children did a fantastic job of praising Jesus!!!
    I'd say He is a mighty proud birthday boy!!!

  3. I loved it! Great Song & the Kids were great & I could tell Sean was really into the song!Just Beautiful!!
    The Reason for the Season!