Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally something to blog about

Well I finally got rid of that nasty little virus that took my computer down. I hate those things. I wanted to post some pictures of Danny's trip to Nicaragua but unfortunately I found out that he didn't take any pictures. Ricky took hundreds though so once I get a copy of those I will post some. From what I've heard they had an excellent trip.

Onto my exciting news...Matthew is potty training! I am thrilled. He tells me sometimes when he needs to go but everytime that I put him on the potty he goes. I'm really trying to be consistent with him because I feel like he's getting it. I think in another week or two he will have it down. I know this is a private moment but he was excited.

Look what I did!


  1. That is wonderful news Tabitha! I hope that he gets it and doesnt stop being interested like Connor did. Good luck! Cute picture!

  2. That was too fun of a picture not to share! Yeah for Matthew!!!