Monday, May 26, 2008

School's Out, Wednesday night church is over

and I'm sighing in relief. Our schedule seemed to get more hectic than normal these past few weeks and I am glad to say that things are coming to a slow down. Whew!!! With that being said, let me fill you in. No pics this time, sorry.

Sean has finished up a great year in third grade by making the A/B Honor Roll. He made 6 A's and 2 B's. We are so proud of him. Third grade has been a little tough for him in the aspect of learning to be responsible for himself and keeping things organized so these grades are super. He will get to move on to the fourth grade and his teacher is moving up too so he will be in her class again next year. She is awesome so we are looking forward to Fourth Grade for sure.

Danny and I have been serving in different areas of our church on Wednesday nights and Sean has been going to Kidmo. We've been doing this since August and this is the first time we have ever gone to church on Wednesday nights. We all enjoyed it but things got crazy once the baseball season got under way. We made it through though! Seans group finished up the year with a Soap Box Derby race. They made and painted their own cars and got to race for trophies. Sean did not win but he had a blast anyway.

The regular baseball season is coming to an end but I can't say it's over just yet. You see, Sean has made the All Star team so we will have a long weekend of games coming up soon and once those are over with he also tried out and made a travel team. So we will be hitting the road this summer playing at different parks in the Nashville area.

We are also now in the final weeks of being a family of 4 and it's a little crazy thinking that we will be adding another one to the mix so soon. I'm planning on having labor induced on July 28th so that puts Chase being here in 9 weeks! This pregnancy has gone by way too fast!


  1. Wowsers, you guys have been majorly busy! I will be praying for you as you finish up your pregnancy. I am glad things are slowing down for you, you will need to get your rest now. A friend here at work is due on the 28th and my birthday is the 29th!!!! Woohoo! We need to get the boys together soon. I hear Matthew is loving Ms. Bettys! Dont you just love her!!!

  2. YAY SEAN! Congrats on the All-Star team! Be sure to let us know when and where the game is.