Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seeing Spots

Matthew woke up with a funky rash yesterday morning. I had to take pics because it was so crazy! The doc said he's probably just fighting a virus off and he'd be okay. It never itched and is almost completely gone now. Nuts right?


  1. Really weird, huh ? Would almost resemble shingles if he were older. To young for that though!! Thanks so much for the update. I really enjoy seeing pictures of you all since we can not be there with you's. Love ya's, Aunt Trina

  2. Wow! This is pretty strange. I would be concerned to, but I am glad that the doctor seems to think it is nothing serious. Miss you guys! Sorry I couldnt come to the party. My invitation didnt get to my house till Monday and I had already made plans. Hope you got lots of good stuff! You, me and Rachel and the boys need to get together for lunch on a Friday.

  3. Boy, I would of be concerned also. Glad he is doing much better. Love all the updates. Thanks for taking the time to make sure we get a chance to see how your doing. Love, Aunt Erin