Friday, April 6, 2012

6 weeks into our new “NORM”

And life is good. Actually life is GREAT.  The kids are all getting along really well.  Baseball is in full swing.  Grace (FYI, Vica has decided to go by her new middle name) is learning English quickly.  She’s made a few good friends and absolutely loves church.  In fact, last week she accepted Christ as her savior after watching a video on facebook of one of her fellow Lat friends that is also now adopted being baptized.  I also turned 34 this week.  I had a wonderful birthday and was so happy with the surprise cupcakes and cards and pampering my kids gave to me as well as a night out with Danny for dinner.  A dear friend spent the day helping the kids with their creations and babysat for us that night.  Too bad we can’t have birthdays twice a year Winking smile

We should have our 2nd court dates soon which will finalize the adoption with Latvia.  Grace and Danny will both be making this trip.  It’s probably going to be between $3800-$4000 in air fare plus another $5000 in court fees.  We do not have any fundraisers planned at the moment since everyone’s lives, not just ours, are so busy.  I do hope to be able to have a yard sale in the next few weeks that will hopefully make some money as well as clear out our garage.  Fundraising takes a whole lot of work and is tiring so we just can’t do it right now but if you would like to contribute to our 2nd court there is a paypal button on the right side of our blog that you can donate with your paypal account or credit card.

I’m also still doing my mongramming/applique business which helps our adoption funding as well so if you have a need for a personalized t-shirt or kids birthday shirt, towel, bride/groom towels, or baby gifts please let me know.  You can view my page on facebook by search Scrapberry Designs or clicking this link

Here are a few photos we’ve snapped over the past few weeks:


My heart is full <3

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  1. Such a great update! Absolutely love all the good news. We will be praying for your funds and that they come soon. I heard about a really simple fundraiser. Give empty water bottles to your friends with a paper wrap stating what the money is raised for, come up with a clever slogan, have the kids color them, whatever.

    The purpose is to get the bottles filled with dimes. One filled water bottle of dimes is about $100. I suppose people can put in other silver coins and it will probably be more than $100. This is a simple fundraiser that people can do just by leaving it on their desks at work, from emptying the family pockets at the end of each day, etc.
    Definitely have your kids put on a lemonade stand/ bake stand/ hot dog stand. I sware these make as much money as the actual sale sometimes!

    I wish I could financially help you but as you know we are still trying to generate another $15,000 on our end. Have you guys tried to get any grants? Thats our next step.Between the Team national stuff, water bottles, a golf tournament, garage sale and grants, we hope to be at our goal.

    Prayers for your beautiful family.