Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our dossier has made it to Latvia!

This is a much overdue post but the title pretty much sums up where we are at.  Thanks to another family that is in the adoption process and was traveling back to Latvia for court our dossier was put it into the hands of the attorney on September 12th.  Now it is in the process of being translated and once that is done it will go to the ministry when we will receive an official referral.

This sweet friend also took the time out of her trip to visit my girls and deliver some packages to them.  D was away at school but A was there so she was able to look through the things we sent to them.  It was an awesome visit because no one had “officially” asked the girls if they wanted to be adopted by us yet so the attorney and social worker were able to do that at this visit.  She said that A had been holding her head down most of the time (she’s very shy if she doesn’t know you) but when they asked her if she wanted to be adopted she looked up with a big smile on her beautiful face.  I have the photo, someday I’ll be able to share that with you but rules are rules.

So we are making progress and hopefully it won't be too much longer until they are home.

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