Saturday, June 25, 2011

You are more than just a number…

Sean was looking at a photo of the girls that we have had pinned to our refrigerator since we found out about them in early May and noticed under the photo were their names and the numbers D91 and D92.  He asked me, “mom what do those numbers mean?”.  While I’m not sure if the numbers were assigned by New Horizons for the hosting program or if this is a number in the Latvian “system” to keep up with them it kind of made me very sad to think about it.  These kids are more than just a number.  They are real, they have hearts, and they need a family.  I understand the need to keep things systematically organized and I guess it’s all in the perspective that you look at it from but I don’t want to think of them as a number, or as another statistic.  I want to them of them as mine.  My heart is invested in this so deep already.  We will be making our trek to Atlanta in just five days to pick them up and meet them for the first time.  Please keep the girls in your prayers over the next few weeks as their trip here is going to be a very big transition for them with lots of hurdles to cross, language one of the biggest.

Also, PLEASE friends DO NOT MENTION OUR ADOPTION PLANS TO THEM!  These kids just think they are coming to America for a vacation and to be exposed to what a life would be like in a Christian family.  While they may already have the hope or idea in their minds we don’t want to encourage it at this point.  This is a major no, no per our Hosting Agency because there are LOTS of ups and downs in adoption and something can always go wrong.  We do not want these girls being left to pick up the pieces wondering what they did wrong should that happen.

While we are on the numbers note, I just want to give a big praise to God for his financial provision in this so far.  It seems like things are going a little easier in that aspect than they were previously and I can only take that as a sign that we are on the right track. 

Our updated homestudy ($1500) was finalized on June 23rd and we will be mailing our I800A along with $890 to USCIS on Monday.  PTL that we have the funding to do that.  We also almost have the complete amount needed for our next payment ($1500) to our adoption agency.  Literally just shy of it by around $100.  I’m hoping to have a few people take advantage of a fresh blog look and cover that difference.  This payment covers the case management and dossier coordination costs.   If you’d like to make a contribution towards these costs you can do so via the donate button on the right side of our blog.   If you’d like to get your blog redesigned just send me an email to

The next payment (following the one above) will be a big one, $5300 to be exact, but that covers our final agency fee, dossier translation, and processing fees.  This will have to be paid prior to submitting our dossier to Latvia.  I’ve got complete piece about it though.  I know that God is going to provide the means to make this happen.

I like being very open and honest about the costs involved in our adoption because I am hoping that it helps others to see that if you take the process one step at a time it is completely possible for the everyday middle class families like us to bring these kids home.  If you’ve thought about adopting but are fearful because of the money involved set that fear aside and go for it.  Give it over to God, let Him take you by the hand and walk you through the journey.  He will travel the road with you, even the bumpy ones, and get you to your destination if you just put faith in Him.

I pray that you all have a very fulfilling and blessed week.  I know we will with becoming a family of 7 for the summer starting on Thursday.

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