Monday, November 22, 2010

What’s your comment worth? In the eyes of our daughter it’s priceless.

I’m a little late in posting this but better late than never right?  It’s been a busy month and I’m trying to make more time to just relax and hang out with the kids which means less time on the computer aside from my workday.

This is a big news post though so please read and then do your part :)

In honor of National Adoption Awareness month Six has partnered with us in our fundraising efforts.  They have posted a featured article of our family on their website and FOR EVERY COMMENT RECEIVED on our story THEY WILL DONATE $2 to our fundraising expenses!

Six Seeds is a Christian based website that brought you reviews and such on things like Chronicles of Narnia.  By leaving us a comment you are signing up for the newsletter but you may choose to opt out and we still get the credit for your comment.

You are the hands and feet of God and this child needs you!

Our article can be viewed here:

As of this morning we have 337 comments.  Our goal is to get at least 500.  Will you help us meet this goal?

The feature runs through the end of November but please take the time to leave your comment today and then share with your friends. 

Feel free to blog about it yourself, send it out on facebook or shoot it out in an email.  We need help spreading the word!


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