Friday, October 22, 2010

Why? Why do we need another child when we already have three?

It was brought to my attention that some people may be wondering this very question and I felt a need to share my heart and what has become my passion.  I hope this will help you all to understand why we are adopting and why we are adopting specifically from Nicaragua.

Let me begin by saying that our adoption is not just about me having another baby.  There is nothing wrong with my baby maker and if it were just about having another child I could physically do that myself and let the insurance pay for it and save us a whole lot of money.

Danny and I have a love so strong for orphans, for fatherless children.  We want to give a child that has NOTHING a home and a family to love them.  And yes I realize there are children right here in the U.S. that need homes but we are feeling called to Nicaragua because of the time that Danny has spent there.  I also feel that the children here have a little more opportunity for care and to find families than the ones internationally do.

Can we afford it?  The actually adoption itself?  Well not really, but in all reality who has that kind of money lying around? But I can tell you this, MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN $30,000.  And it will happen in His timing.  Can we afford another child?  Yes.  I don’t care if we have to eat rice and beans every single night for dinner and pile them all into one bedroom because that is the kind of sacrifice that we are willing to make to SAVE A CHILDS LIFE.  College you ask?  Well we have a whole 7 years before our first one gets there and if God brings us to it He will bring us through it.

I also want to tell you that this journey is becoming a passion and when my little girl is home it will not be over.  I want to DO SOMETHING to make it easier for families to adopt.  A $30,000 mountain should not be in the way of giving a child a family.  It is so heartbreaking to know that we have homes just waiting for these kids but because the average family cannot even fathom the costs nothing comes of it.  So you wait and see, God is working this out but I am feeling this and I am going to do something.

This is my heart cry and is becoming my obsession.  I hope you have a little better understanding of the WHY now.  Blessings to all and please pray for our family as we continue forward.  God is moving mountains!

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