Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catching up…

Thanks again to everyone that participated and helped spread the word about the facebook blitz last month.  We raised $150 above the cost of the iPod itself and every dollar counts towards getting there :)

It’s been a busy last few weeks with lots of things going on in the Butler house.  We found out we needed to buy insurance prior to our home study to show that we are able to meet any medical needs our little girl may have, then we received word that my position at work was being done away with so we were racking our brains for another plan when my job then came back and offered me the opportunity to work full time from home.  What a blessing that turned out to be!  Our insurance needs have been met!

So I’m working on filling out our home study application and off it will go on Monday!  God is soooooo good!

We are working on a few more fundraisers at the moment.  The first one coming up this week is another raffle but this time with a BIG PRIZE.  We will be raffling off a 16gb iPad along with some other secondary prizes.  We will be needing some helpers to get the word out and sell some tickets for us.  Each person that takes a book of 10 tickets to sell will receive an entry into the drawing.  If you sell two books, you get two entries.  Our goal is to sell 300 tickets.  If you are willing to help us in this area leave me a comment or send me an email at

In the next few weeks we will be having another BIG, BIG yard sale here at the house.  If you’d like to do some fall deep cleaning and de-cluttering and donate your no longer used treasures we would appreciate it so much.  We will take everything from books, toys, furniture, dishes, you name it.  I do have to ask that if you are donating clothing please do so lightly.  We still have a ton of clothes to sell from previous donations.  The sale is tentatively scheduled for Friday October 1st and Saturday October 2nd.

And last but certainly not least, Buffalo Wild Wings has offered to let us have a fundraising night at their restaurant.  We are going to select a night for families to dine there and just by turning in your receipts we will receive a % of your meal ticket towards our fundraising.

The little ones also started preschool this week.  They were so adorable all dressed up for the first day

58726_1591575235257_1412184673_1572675_4064570_n[1]   58194_1591569915124_1412184673_1572650_4073593_n[1] 47710_1591574275233_1412184673_1572673_7222979_n[1]

and a little tired come the end of the day :)


Sean also tried out for the SSTMS soccer team this weekend.  We will find out Monday if he is in or if he is out.  Crossing our fingers!


Have a blessed weekend

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