Saturday, August 21, 2010

It’s Blitz Time Baby!

Now that we have been “officially” accepted by MLJ adoptions it’s time for us to get serious about some fundraising.  We are completely confident that God is going to open the doors needed, close the ones not needed and provide the finances to bring our sweet little girl home to us but we must voice our need in order for others to know how help.

The next step in our process is to submit $7500 to our agency.  This payment covers things like our dossier, translations, some education expenses and postage/mailing fees.  I’ve been told that it is VERY expensive to mail things to and from Nicaragua.

So here are the details:

Wanna win an IPOD TOUCH or IPOD SHUFFLE?? It’s BLITZ time!!! You can win by simply donating $10 or spreading the word on your blog or facebook!! OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $3750, HALF OF THE INITIAL $7500!!

For the next 7 days we are challenging you to HELP us bring our daughter home by raising awareness & spreading the word about our BLITZ event. Oh, did I mention we are GIVING away an IPOD TOUCH & an IPOD SHUFFLE?!?!

To win the IPOD TOUCH: For EVERY $10 you donate to our adoption, you will receive one entry in the Giveway. You will be emailed a giveaway number for each $10 you donate through the Chip-in on our blog. If you want to mail a donation, please email us & we’ll give you our address.

To win the IPOD SHUFFLE:
1. Post a blog entry on your blog about our giveaway & you'll receive one entry
2. Change your wall status on facebook with a link to our event
3. If you do both, then you will receive TWO entries in the shuffle giveaway. IMPORTANT: You must post a comment on our Princess’s facebook group with a link to your facebook or blog entry.

***We will hold the drawing on Sunday August 28th at 6:00pm (CST). It will be done the old fashion way…we will put all the entries name/number in a jar and pull from the jar. We will video the drawing and post it on our blog.***

Oh yeah…we will give away one 8gb IPOD Touch for EVERY $2000 we receive in donations so SPREAD THE WORD and skies the limit!



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