Monday, May 18, 2009

All Star Again

We have been in full swing these past few weeks. Lots and lots of baseball games going on. Sean was chosen to be on the All Star Team for the 9-10 year old majors this season. We played our game on Sunday and though we did not win our boys played a great game. Afterward there was a homerun derby and the kids had a lot of fun seeing who could hit the most balls over the fence. Here are some photos from our All Star.

Award Ceremony

Playing Catch

Putting one over the plate

High and Tight

A little home run fun

Come on dad! Pitch the ball!

Going, going, gone!

Bring it on!


  1. WOW, Sean you're lookin' good!! Great pics, wish I could have been there!! Love Ya, GrandRoyal

  2. Awesome! Danny was telling us all about the baseball last night! Sounds just like my house when I was that age. There was never a night that went by that my brother or I didnt have a ballgame and/or practice. Sounds like everyone is having a ball! We are so appreciative of Danny by the way helping us with our plumbing! It is great to know people in high places!

  3. This brings back such memories for me... I used to live at the ballpark watching my brother play in the summers. And cheering my rear off, of course. :)

    Looks like Sean is certainly All Star material... enjoy it every bit!