Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I haven't done a very good job of keeping my blog up to date lately. I feel like I'm going crazy with everything I have to do but if you ask me what I've been up to I don't think I could tell you, ha ha. So here is a post with some pictures and what's been going on.

We celebrated Sean's 10Th birthday on January 24Th at Laser Chase. I loved the way it worked out. You pay, they play, and you go home. Easy as pie.

You gotta be quick to blow out those candles. Matthew is waiting in the wings for his chance.

A little bit of the action

The gang

Chase is 6 months old now and has started eating solids. The boy really enjoys his grub. Here he is chowing on a biter biscuit. At his well visit last week he weighed 15lbs 2oz.
He is also sitting up well enough to take a big boy bath with his brother
And of course big brother has to see if he can fit in the baby seat


  1. Glad to see the update. I was getting worried. lol Great pictures and it looks like Sean had a blast at his party. Tub time was really cute. I guess Chase will be an eater like Matthew. That's great they are not picky eaters. Miss ya, Aunt Erin

  2. Great photos, Fun party wish I had been there, & the tub boys soooo cute!!!