Thursday, January 8, 2009

Go Gators!

Danny and Sean are gone to watch the football game tonight up at the church with our youth pastor up on the big screen. Pastor Reagan is an Oklahoma fan so Sean wanted to show up and give him some competition to hang out with. The third quarter just started and it's a tie game. Hopefully Florida will come out ahead on this one. I told the guys not to stay out too late, it is a school night after all.

I also had to break the news to my husband that I am a Gator fan after all. You see, I really was one before I moved to Tennessee. I don't care that much about football so I went with whatever he liked at that point. Now however, my son is a Florida fan and stands alone in this Volunteer state so since that is where my roots are, there my heart is also. Sorry Danny.


  1. Well...sometimes the truth hurts, but it must be told!!!

  2. Tabitha, I am dissapointed in you! Ha! No, I totally understand. I have never understood people who leave their hometown team and root for the team of their "significant other". Good thing for me that me and Brad went to UT- no team fights in this house! Ha! Well...except for when it comes to baseball. Me- Yankees Him- Braves