Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catching Up...

Matthew had a good time with this! I didn't know he could dunk but he did it like a pro. I've also learned that he likes to pull his oreos apart and eat them from the inside out.

Sean had a project at school where he had to create his own business product and sell it. He and his friend, Matthew, decided to have a co-partnership and sell "Awesome Origami". They made paper airplanes, fans, footballs, and jumping frogs. Here are some pics from market night at school. The frogs were really popular.

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  1. Great pics! Look at our little entrepreneurs! I'm so proud. Our boys worked hard on their products. Unlike some parents who just purchased food or other crazy items for them to sell. I heard one parent spent $80 on supplies! EGAD! The lesson was in the process, people.
    I love the addition to the sign "We are the BEST origami Business!"