Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nicaragua Photos

It's taken awhile to get these photos up and we are sorry. Our schedules have been crazy for the past few weeks. Thank you to everyone that supported Danny both financially and with prayers for his mission. It's amazing to be loved and blessed by so many. There are alot of photos here but alot more that we left out. Seeing these pictures of how these families live really makes us appreciate what we have.


  1. Thanks for sharing you guys! I know this was a humbling experience for Danny.

  2. Im glad he made it home ok it must have been a wonderful experience.
    the only thing i keep thinking is how far you guys have come in such a short time and i am so proud of danny for taking on such a tough task. love you all hope to see you soon

  3. The pictures were great to see. Makes us appreciate everything we have. Glad Danny had the chance for the experience.