Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Matthew's Birthday Photos

Matthew's first birthday was Saturday, September 15th. I absolutely cannot believe that my baby is one year old already! His birthday bash was held at Evans Park. Matthew eating cake was the highlight of the party. He dug right in. Lots of fun was had playing on the playground with the slides and swings. Family and friends came to celebrate with us. His friend Brock was there too. He turned one two days later so after Matthew's party we went to Brock's. We were all caked out that day!


  1. Wow, one already. Time seems to fly by. Hard to believe. Love the photos. Looks like he really enjoyed his cake!! So cute. Happy birthday Matthew! We love ya, Aunt Erin

  2. thanks, wish i could of been there

  3. We are so sad that we missed it! It looks like you all had a great time, especially Matthew with all of the cake on his face! LOL!! I hope his present got to him OK. We miss you guys. As soon as we settle in we will come for a visit. Tara